"Alpi Apuane in Festa" - Careggine, sabato 16 e domenica 17 agosto 2014 - a Bosa "la via dei pani" e "un pomeriggio di gusto"

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The Apuan alps wetlands
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The Apuan Alps are
an European
and Global Geopark

Since 2001 the initiative for the Apuan Alps recognition as Geopark has started. In 2010, the application dossier for the admission at the European and Global Geoparks Network, working under the auspices of Unesco, has been defined. In 2011, in Langesund (Norway), the admission among the EGN-GGN members

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Parco Regionale
delle Alpi Apuane
via Corrado Del Greco, 11
55047 Seravezza (Lucca)

phone: +39 0584 758211
fax: +39 0584 758203

The Apuan Alps: a biodiversity treasure         to be continued... :-)

The wetlands of the Park

In the Apuan Alps marsh areas are not so frequent; this is mainly due to the prevailing calcareous nature of the substrate, whose high permeability does not allow, for a long time and in any period of the year, significant stagnation of water on the ground.
However, there are some examples of wetlands in the Apuan Alps, which today have become very delicate, vegetable entities that retain considerable and in some cases of great interest geobotany.


The monumental trees of the Apuan Alps

A very old beech discovered at Orto di Donna

The visits in an historically lived and studied area as the Apuan Alps can reserve happy surprises. This is the case of a long-standing and exemplary gigantic beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), recently found in Orto di Donna (Minucciano, LU), inside the park, at 1300 meters a.s.l. The "Patriarch" measures 3.11 m in circumference and reaches the height of 25 m above the ground. The age is not known, but it could easily exceed two centuries.
The sample of Orto di Donna joins other monumental beeches of the Apuan Alps, as the Fania of Camaiore (with 3.8 m in circumference), a task of Camaiore (still 3.8 m) and Sella di Camaiore (3.1 m).



The golden eagle
on the Apuan Alps

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Two brand new
carnivorous plants

The endemic Pinguiculas of the Apuan Alps

A name that means

alt tag

Triturus alpestris apuanus (Bonaparte)


Little firs growing...

Only one relict population of silver fir lives in the Apuan Alps. This is located in the northern part of the mountain range, at about 1500 m above sea level, on the north side of Mt Contrario. Twenty plants of different ages live here in bad vegetative conditions. The autocthonicity of this population has been demonstrated based on several considerations, including bibliographic and cartographic data, comparative genetic analysis with populations nearby and several studies about the physiognomy of the silver fir population.
Over recent years the Park has performed a few "in situ" conservation actions regarding the Apuan Alps silver fir with the aim of preserving a relict habitat, reported as a priority by Directive 92/43/EEC, under the name of "Apennine beech forests with Abies nebrodensis and beech forests with Abies alba". In addition to actions to improve the condition of the Abies residual core, work has begun on the “ex situ” creation of some new native abies populations, in order to slow the extinction process of the local population, which is now so much reduced and has great difficulty in natural renewing. So new Abies alba populations have been created in some areas of the Apuan Alps suitable to host these plants and a new conservation core has recently been installed there too, at the Bosa Park Centre.

"Apuan Alps: the water mountains" by Valter Torri  (trailer)  -       (full lenght video,53')



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